Goethe + Christiane

Goethe. Genius poet, playwright, scientist, and statesman.


Dissatisfied, stilted, stuck. The desire for change. The search for meaning. The heat of Italy, love, friendship and sex.


Even geniuses make fools of themselves sometimes.


Discover the moment that irrevocably changed the life of Germany’s greatest writer.


How can one be reborn, and what will be the cost?

“a young British writer critically engaging with the genius cult that underpins a lot of the Goethe reverence in Germany”

"A coming-of-age romance about one of Germany's most important poets... absolutely worth our time"

Exuent Features: Voila Europe!

‘Goethe + Christiane’ is where it all started for Encompass, and was performed at the Bread and Roses Theatre in London (2017), the Voila! Europe Festival (2017) in London and the X-Actor Festival Teatrale Europeo in Rome. 

Production shots (Rome)

Rehearsal shots

Cast: James Dart, Becky Gibbs, Edward Kaye, Silvia Manazzone, Kelsie McDonald, Joseph Prestwich, Oliver Roy, Grace Wardlaw,

Writer & Director: Joseph Prestwich

Production: Encompass Theatre Collective

Costume Designer: Kelsie McDonald

Set designer: Naomi Lee

Stage Manager: Naomi Lee

Music: Joseph Prestwich, Edward Kaye

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