Lovers Anonymous

They say a problem
shared is a problem halved, and our group leaders are here to help. From sexuality to sex, bestiality
to breaking up, everything is welcome. Mixing theatre, movement and improvisation, ‘Lovers
Anonymous’ asks what it is to be in (and out of) love in 2018. Join the circle, listen to our stories, and
even share your own in this unique immersive experience. Are you #readyforlove?

"making you cry with laughter and cringe with relatable embarrassment"

"it's refreshing sharing so much with strangers you may  never see again"

"A beautiful hour of laughter and hope"

"alive and truthful"

"a bit silly, sure, but it’s also quite profound"

 Funny and provocative, ‘Lovers Anonymous’ is a brand-new comedy event devised by the company.

Initially inspired by the drama and passion of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, the company have since used

the Frantic Assembly approach to create a unique show 

that skilfully combines our personal and imagined experiences of love in 2018

with movement, improvisation and audience participation. 

We invite the audience to join a typical ‘Lovers Anonymous’ group-counselling session,

where a variety of participants will tell their own stories,

from Tinder thrills to courtly love, helping the group get a handle on sex, romance and love in 2018.

It’s time we had a frank conversation about love.

Lovers Anonymous Trailer

Audience Feedback

Lovers Anonymous is back in a brand new edition at The Space Theatre this July 2019!

Cast: Steven Calvert, James Dart, Becky Gibbs, Edward Kaye, Silvia Manazzone, Kelsie McDonald, Sebastian Porter, Joseph Prestwich, Oliver Roy,

Grace Wardlaw,

Devised by Encompass Theatre Collective

Music: Sebastian Porter

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